Optical Imaging Facility


Facility Description

The Ami HTX system from Spectral Instruments is a versatile small animal imaging system for pre-Clinical research. Engineered with superior optics and industry leading technology, Spectral Instruments Imaging provides unrivaled sensitivity for bioluminescence, fluorescence and X-ray in vivo imaging. Intelligently designed around the needs of animal scientists, all Spectral Instrument Imaging systems include a robust build, patented LED illumination source, custom filter options, -90C cooled camera, and absolute calibration. Ami systems enable high throughput imaging and field upgradable X-ray.

  • 5 Mouse Capacity (BLI/FLI/X-ray)
    25cm x 17cm field of view.

  • LED Fluorescence Illumination
    Cutting edge patented LED based illumination

  • 10 Wavelengths/10 Filters (see specifications)
    Additional filters can be added/changed by operator, if needed

  • Mouse-friendly Platform
    Allows you to easily recover wandering mice

  • Anesthesia Compatible
    Compatible with all third party gas anesthesia systems

  • Benchtop
    Benchtop unit built to maximize the daily output of those dedicated to animal science

  • -90C Absolute Cooled Camera
    Ultra cold for maximum sensitivity

  • Absolute Calibration
    Ensures quantifiable data

  • 40kv X-ray Power
    Allows for large animal imaging (rats, guinea pigs, etc.)

  • Aura Imaging Software
    100% license free Aura Imaging software, available for PC & Mac users

Ami PDF Brochure (PDF Format)