Bruce R. Schackman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Public Health
Chief, Division of Health Policy
Weill Cornell Medical College

Selected Recent Publications:

Honkanen LA, Mushlin AI, Lachs M, Schackman BR. Can hip protector use cost-effectively prevent fractures in community-dwelling geriatric populations? J Am Geriatr Soc. 2006 Nov; 54 (11):1658-65.

Dunn WR, Schackman BR, Walsh C, Lyman S, Jones EC, Warren RF, Marx RG. Variation in orthopaedic surgeons' perceptions about the indications for rotator cuff surgery. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 87-A(9):1978-1984, 2005.

Honkanen LA, Schackman BR, Mushlin AI, Lachs MS. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of External Hip-Protectors in the Nursing Home Setting. J Am Geriatric Soc 2005 Feb; 53(2):190-7.

Schackman BR, Oneda K, Goldie SG. The cost-effectiveness of elective cesarean delivery to prevent hepatitis C transmission in HIV-coinfected women. AIDS. 2004; 18:1827-34.

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