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Medical Center Circle

The Medical Center Circle is a group of Center Alumni Council members who have made a significant philanthropic commitment to the future of physician training, patient care and medical research at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

photo: Donors plack.
Jeffrey Fisher, M.D.

photo: Donors plack.
(left to right) Henry Michael Spinelli, M.D., Sona I. Degann, M.D., Brian R. Landzberg, M.D., Mary Elizabeth Moran, Ph.D., Jerry Nagler, M.D.

photo: Donors plack.

Guidelines for Membership

  • This donor recognition society is comprised of members of the NewYork Weill Cornell Medical Center Alumni Council (or donors who are eligible for membership in the Center Alumni Council).
  • You become eligible for membership by making a gift or pledge of $25,000 or more (cash or stock) payable over five years; or by making a planned gift of $50,000 or more in the form of an irrevocable bequest, charitable annuity or charitable trust.
  • Pledges must be made in support of the "Medical Center" - split equally between Weill Cornell Medical College and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (or with a minimum of at least $12,500 to both the Medical College and the Hospital).
  • Unrestricted gifts are encouraged, as this ensures that gifts are directed to areas where most needed. However, if the donor chooses, gifts may be allocated to a specific initiative.
  • Prior donor giving may be counted towards a Medical Center Circle pledge as long as it is within a five-year time frame. For example, if a donor made a prior gift in June 2005, the donor will be given until June 2010 to complete the pledge.
  • No reallocation of prior gifts will be allowed.
  • Giving to Events may not be counted towards a pledge.
  • Soft credit giving may be counted only when the gift fund, charitable trust, or organization is directly connected to the individual. Gifts made via departments or via the institution may not be counted.


Along with the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting a very important cause, Medical Center Circle donors will:

  • Have their name inscribed upon a Medical Center Circle Donor Wall of Recognition, which is prominently located in the corridor that connects Weill Cornell Medical College and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.
  • Receive recognition at a yearly event hosted by the Dean of Weill Cornell Medical College and the Chief Executive Officer of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Be presented with a Medical Center Circle certificate.
  • Receive Honorary Lifetime Membership in the Center Alumni Council

Medical Center Circle MembersAs of March 2016

  • Steven A. Albert, M.D.
  • Nasser K. Altorki, M.D.
  • Vijay K. Anand, M.D.
  • Holly S. Andersen, M.D.
  • Jack D. Barchas, M.D.
  • Barry D. Brause, M.D.
  • Frank A. Chervenak, M.D.
  • Benjamin B. Choi, M.D.
  • Morton Coleman, M.D.
  • Bradley A. Connor, M.D.
  • Lawrence E. Cutler, M.D.
  • Douglas R. DeCorato, M.D.
  • Sona I. Degann, M.D.
  • Gavin L. Duke, M.D.
  • Eli Einbinder, M.D.
  • Angie Man-Chi Eng, M.D.
  • Frederick J. Feuerbach, M.D.
  • Jeffery D. Fisher, M.D.
  • Kenneth W. Franklin, M.D.
  • Richard M. Fuchs, M.D.
  • Menard M. Gertler, M.D.
  • Robert T. Grant, M.D.
  • Stephen Greenberg, M.D.
  • William Teich Greene *
  • Alison Bender Haimes, M.D.
  • Gregory K. Harmon, M.D.
  • Catherine C. Hart, M.D.
  • Lloyd A. Hoffman, M.D.
  • Lawrence A. Inra, M.D.
  • O. Wayne Isom, M.D.
  • Lawrence A. Katz, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Richard J. Katz, M.D.
  • Bruce David Kaufman, M.D.
  • Alan A. Kessler, M.D.
  • Harvey Klein, M.D.
  • Isaac Kligman, M.D.
  • Karl H. Krieger, M.D.
  • Elisabeth Lachmann, M.D.
  • Brian R. Landzberg, M.D.
* deceased

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