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Mission of the Office of Global Health Education

Weill Cornell Medical College is one of the leading medical schools in the field of international medicine. For over fifty years, Weill Cornell faculty members have been actively involved in research and clinical medicine in both developed and resource-poor countries. The medical college's Office of Global Health Education (OGHE) oversees and coordinates the global health educational electives program for Weill Cornell medical students as well as for visiting international medical students who wish to participate in a clinical elective at Weill Cornell. OGHE was established by the Dean to administer global health education activities that now include international clinical electives placements and a global health education curriculum.

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OGHE's mission is to provide Weill Cornell students with information and counseling about study opportunities abroad (clinical, research, community health), to facilitate referral to Weill Cornell faculty mentors and to sponsors in host countries, to explore affiliations and exchanges with medical colleges around the world, and to increase endowment funding to permit any Weill Cornell medical student who wishes to take an international elective to do so. As part of its mission, OGHE views itself as a vehicle for capacity building with global partners. Towards this effort, OGHE has formed formal and informal agreements with medical colleges around the world. OGHE's programs enable the student to obtain a global perspective of how medical care is provided in other countries.

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