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Administrative Procedures for Intercampus Collaboration

Updated June 2016


  1. Each campus will accept the existing documentation requirements at the other campus as sufficient to meet institutional needs. The Weill Research Gateway (WRG) Cover Page used at WCM must be attached with proposals from WCM to Ithaca when Ithaca is the lead/administering unit. The Ithaca Form 10 must be attached with proposals from Ithaca to WCM when WCM is the lead/administering unit. No other documentation is required from the other campus to prove compliance with institutional requirements. The WRG Cover Page does not need to be signed as approval from the Principal Investigator and Authorized Official is obtained during the route of the WRG record.
  2. Proposal documents, including the completed and signed Form 10/WRG Cover Page should be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs/Office of Sponsored Research Administration for review and approval. The relevant office will then submit to its counterpart at the other campus.
  3. Each campus will develop their budget with the F&A rates that apply to them.


The budget is developed with each campus’s expenses rolled-up into the overall budget, using the appropriate campus-specific rates. Each site receives its respective F&A. Since no subcontract is involved, the participating campus does not collect F&A on the first $25K of the lead campus’s direct cost. A separate budget needs to be prepared with the expenses broken down by campus to facilitate campus review.


  1. When the lead/administering campus receives a notice of award from the sponsor (Federal awards only), they will send a courtesy notification to the PI and the sponsored programs office of the other campus to inform them of the receipt of the award.
  2. The sponsored programs office of the lead campus will send a completed and signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the other campus.
  3. The lead campus will not add or modify any terms or conditions of the prime sponsor. These include
    1. Full Facilities and Administrative Cost Rates unless limited by the sponsor
    2. Automatic carry forward if allowed by sponsor
    3. Indication of the total anticipated funds for the entire duration of the award
  4. The complete award document from the sponsor, without redactions, will be sent to the receiving campus
  5. Except for PHS funded projects involving human subjects or PHS or NSF funded projects involving live vertebrate animals, no additional compliance checks will be required from either campus. For the exceptions listed above, the compliance offices on each campus will work together to finalize authorization agreements and grant protocol congruence as required by regulations, and notify the sponsored programs office when complete. The award can be accepted and funds released after that point.


Invoices will be sent to the appropriate offices/contacts identified in the MOU accompanying the award. Invoices will be sent no less than quarterly and no more than monthly, with final invoices submitted no later than 60 days following the award termination date.

Process Maps

Procedures for Ithaca as Prime Site

Procedures for WCM as Lead