Additional Sources of Information about Bloom’s Syndrome

Medical and Scientific Publications

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On the Internet

  • Sanz M. M. and German J. Bloom's Syndrome. In: GeneReviews at GeneTests: Medical Genetics Information Resource [database online]. Copyright, University of Washington, Seattle, 1997-2006. Available at

From the Registry

A concise description of BSyn in non-medical, non-scientific terms has been prepared by the registrars and can be obtained without charge by contacting Dr. German or Dr. Sanz.


Financial support for the study of Bloom’s syndrome between 1964 and 2003 was from the National Institutes of Health and the American Cancer Society. Currently maintenance of the Registry is supported by private endowments and the following:

The Bloom's Syndrome Foundation
7095 Hollywood Blvd. #583
Los Angeles, CA 90028
The New York Community Trust
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Tel. 212/686-0010

The registrars welcome your comments and questions.

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